Posted by: prayer0617 | January 30, 2012

Blessing or Cursing?

Many people often quote Deuteronomy 28.  It seems they want to be sure they are in line for those blessings.  Like a check list some in the “Word of Faith” movement go through each one proclaiming and calling out each blessing for their lives….and we sure don’t want those curses….only looking at the surface….

I read in the Psalms that we actually can bless Elohim (Hebrew name for God- the word “god”  is actually a german translation of Elohim) .  Psalm 134.2; Psalm 34 and Psalm 103.  Often people will answer “Praise Him”  Ok…..sometimes that sounds like people just trying to make up nice things to say to Yeshua dare I say flattery? (I use the Hebrew name for Jesus – which means YHWH’s salvation OR YHWH is salvation).  So really how can we possibly bless Him?

It is about value or no value.  Blessing and Curse.  For instance, “blessed are those who mourn” Yeshua actually says “valued are those who mourn” … valued by Him.  When we obey His Words, we are showing Elohim that WE VALUE HIM.  We value what He has to say.  We value Him above everything we put down to live with Him.  We value Him as our Creator and the one we live for.  We value Him as our Father, and the One we make covenant with.  We value HIM.  He wants us to value Him.   So it stands to reason that to devalue Him is also how we curse Him.  When we don’t pay attention to what He says, we don’t regard Him…. In hebrew the word “Hear” means to hear and take the words into your heart to obey them.  We can “hear Him and obey Him” OR we can hear and  and obey from the “world”…

It also stands that we can bless or curse each other.  How we value people greatly affects our relationships with them.  When we value a person we treat them with respect in a different way.  We accept them as brothers and sisters all of whom our Messiah died for on the cross; all of whom we could mourn for if they are lost.  When we have no regard for a person, we curse them by our actions and thinking. We tend to reject them and treat them as if they have no  value.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you have to let people go their own way because their ways are not in your path.  You can’t always fellowship with everyone but you can have compassion on them.  Elohim gave us free will to choose what we will do and it is pretty safe to say at certain points in our lives all of us have chosen deceit over truth.  Unrighteousness over righteousness.  The ones that do not value their Creator today could be the same ones Yeshua sets free tomorrow and they are new creations… I know that is what happened in my case.  Outwardly I did not show signs of righteousness.  I was in spiritual bondage because of the mistakes I made and mistakes others in my life had made.  But inwardly I was reaching, reaching, and the Holy Spirit was reaching for me.  Today I am a completely different person than I was ten years ago.

Blessing or curse.  Value or no value?  The Scriptures were lit with a new understanding when I applied this principle and also my relationships with Elohim and with “my neighbor” were lit with a new understanding, hopefully enabling me to fulfill the greatest commandments with the love and understanding that Yeshua intended.




  1. Dear sweet sister Kathleen, this is perfect and exactly what God wants, His truth with understanding, I have got to share this sis, thank you very much

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