Posted by: prayer0617 | February 3, 2012

Someone to watch over me…..

As we study the Torah portion this week like I said a few days before there are so many treasures. One of the greatest treasure to my heart is in this section.  

Exodus 12.42 It is a night of watches unto YHWH for bringing them out of the land of Egypt.  This is the night of watches unto YHWH, for all the children of Yisrael throghout their generations.


The richness of this statement is repeated throughout the Scriptures. In Deuteronomy 31, Psalm 23, Yeshua Himself promises I am the Good Shepherd.  

When I was in sin, doing what I knew He didn’t approve of I confess to anyone reading that there was a time in my life I wanted Him to look away from me.  My actions were not pure, my thoughts were not pure things that I knew He wouldn’t approve of.  I had lost the notion that I could repent (turn back to Him) I thought once you were in sin once you were broken away from Him and my heart felt it too.  I didn’t realize the necessity and re connection our Savior provides.  Once you feel broken from your connection with Elohim the only place to go is toward sin. I thought once you sinned you were just gone.   When I realized why  Yeshua (Jesus) died on the cross in my place to gave me a chance to be reconciled back and that I could repent, He would teach me and guide me and …. watch over me.  My innermost being was so alone.  I felt like no one truly cared for me  I felt an inner loneliness I can’t really describe…..He gave me the chance to come. He let me know I had a Father in heaven who loves me even still and it is time to get ready to come home.  To turn away from all that toward Him. 

This night of watches….lasts for all generations….until all of us come out of the land of slavery who want to come. I want to come!  I will learn the ways of the City of the Father.  His Home.  For me, my children, my grandchildren and further.  A mixed multitude. We are transformed from glory to glory to the image of Yeshua.  He is our Creator, Savior, Shepherd, our Redeemer, our Intercessor, our Purpose. We belong to Him.  

Sometimes at night I like to pray for awhile, like sitting up with Him who spends His nights watching over us.  I like to sit with Him, ask questions, and pray.  Now I have someone to watch over me.  I don’t need some dusty old song making me cry, the reality is I do have Someone who watches over me.  



  1. I remember those days, seems like I spent more time beating myself up, than the Holy Spirit had time to convict me and redirect me, then through this amazing massive love, He calmed me, taught me, chastised me when needed, and got my feet on the right, narrow path

    We share a similar interest, talking with the Father, asking questions, even saying, Father I don’t understand this, show me, and He does!
    awesome sis

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