Posted by: prayer0617 | February 29, 2012

My Testimony – Deliverance through Obedience

When I was born again it was through reading the Scriptures for approximately 12 months before attending church.  I had made up my mind that all I had formed about life on my own and all I heard about what Elohim said was….well wrong.  My life was at a place where all had crashed and I needed to be reconciled.  I loved Jesus as a child but of course a child’s understanding did not bring me through the world.  I died there and I failed miserably even though on the outside I looked sucessful.  On the inside I knew I was a mess. After I had spent time alone reading the Scriptures for the first year I had read the whole Bible.  People say if you do that you will be changed, I was changed.   I went to a small church and the pastor had a heart for reconciling people.  It was a safe place to begin and he helped me and baptized me.   I moved shortly thereafter to another city.

What was written on my heart came from the Scritpures.  I tried to look up from my Scriptures and match what was in front of my eyes.  I studied and attended to the Methodist church, Pentecostals, Word of Faith movement, IHOP, New Apostle Reformation,  Deliverance ministries and read about Catholicism.  I participated in homeless ministries, inner city ministries, deliverance ministries, prayer ministry, and jail ministries and general church “stuff”.   What I longed for was to find “jewish” people who had understood what was meant in the words of the Scriptures because that was the point of reference Yeshua (translation from Hebrew of Jesus) was speaking of.  Yeshua was not Greek.  A greek point of reference was doomed from the beginning.  Yeshua was a Jewish Rabbi who was the atonement for our sin.  He accomplished what the most powerful could not do, He reconciled us to our Creator….

I found the Hebrew Roots Movement.  They are born again believers who search for the Hebrew views and apply them to Yeshua’s Words.  Do you know His Words make so much more sense?  I found out Christians in every area speak out of their imaginations and make up explanations when they dont know the answers.  But that was scary too.  These were people who adhered to the Scriptures, and I didnt wholly do that.  I wanted to grow with my heart first.  In the Hebrew Roots Movement there are also those who are in fiery obedience on the outside but not kind on the inside.  But there are also people who are growing like I am.  It about growth; a five year old child does not make big banquet by herself.   Some people think I am trying to be “Jewish”.  Those who practice Judaism do not know  who their Messiah is yet.  But they do believe in Him.  I cannot deny the Messiah.  The worship and views I have INCLUDE Yeshua not exclude Him.  Because I do know who He is I cannot deny Him. I am not looking to be part of Judaism but take the old treasure and the new treasure of the Revelation of Yeshua.  So I learning about the Hebrew Roots of our faith (loyalty).

For me individual obedience has been my deliverance.  Regarding Sabbath, I was praying about this after reading Exodus 20.  Sabbath is important enough to be one of the 10 commandments.  Elohim even goes as far to say that it is an everlasting sign of the covenant between He and His People.  I want to be one of His People….. So I prayed about Sabbath.  Since I have observed Sabbath, I have been well rested, healthy and certain deliverance has come to my life.  Observing Sabbath did not require a big meal on Friday night. Back when I started I was a single mom who didn’t even always get home before sunset.  I would go the store and do my best to buy what I needed for Saturday, so I could take that 24 hour period and study, walk, rest and let my soul rest.  If I did do ministry work that day, I napped that afternoon and did not feel guilty about it.  The kids had food to eat and everyone knew it was Sabbath and mom was not cooking or cleaning that day.  Some days of course I had to go places but overall I planned not to.  My Sabbath keeping was an attempt and an attempt was all Elohim wants.  Since I have been married that has changed somewhat. My husband likes to garage sale but he knew I kept Sabbath before we got married and he tries to keep me in a state of rest.  I understand some people have to work and the Rabbis say it is good to acknowledge the Sabbth –  He understands that we live here, we have not made it yet to New Jersusalem.  Keeping His appointed times (often referred to as festivals) is like finding that place where you can meet with our Elohim.  There is not a location anymore so we have to look for our location in time.  The times He Himself told us to obeserve.  Appointments He made for us that He would like us to come to.

Keeping Passover for us meant making lamb with bitter herbs like the Scriptures say.  I bought a Passover prayer the Union Haggadah  book published in 1923 and I went through the comparisons and as a family we discussed these and we ate.  Our children particpated in the discussion and asked questions, it was awesome, and you could feel His Presence there with us.

Remembering Pentecost beginning at Mt Sinai is beautiful.  The church may not tell you that is why the disciples were in the upper rooom that day.  They were commanded to by Elohim way back in Exodus.  It was the feast of First Fruits, The Feast of Weeks Shavot.  Because of their obedience, the Ruach HaKosesh (the Holy Spirit ) surrounded and engulfed them.  If they had said “well we don’t have to do any these things anymore because Yeshua has come and fulfilled it all we live in an age of grace and can do what we want” then they would have missed the Ruach HaKodesh.  Nowhere in the Scripture does Elohim tell us to keep Passover, Shavot, Sukkot, or Yom Kippur, Rosh Hoshanah or Sabbath unti His Annointed One comes.  He said throughout all our generations.  If he meant for us to discard these things after His Annointed One came then I think He would have said so He was specific on many things.

Yom Kippur is amazing beyond words.  That is all I can say about that.  I could write a whole article about Yom Kippur.

Overall what I am saying is you dont have to have the outward observances to observe these days.  It starts with the heart and the things He wanted to teach us on those days.  Start your journey there and you will have great peace and deliverance.

“And now, if you diligently obey My voice, and shall guard My covenant, then you shall be My treasured possession above the peoples–for all the earth is Mine–and you shall be to Me a reign of priests and a set apart nation.  Those are the words which you are to speak to the children of Israel.  ” Exodus 19.5



  1. Amen sis, this is definite powerful truth and from a child of God who is being fully transparent

    this is what our Father is looking for

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