Posted by: prayer0617 | April 6, 2012

Passover 2012



This year Passover corresponds with Good Friday.  I have always tried to ponder the many mysteries of this sacrifice of our Elohim for us.  His Beloved Son for our lives.  Along with the wonder at the physical manifestation of what we have done to Elohim when I remember him flogged, riduculed, spit upon, humilated, nailed (even one nail would seem so excruciating) and to be nailed upon a cross for 6 hours.  As even the earth knew enough to mourn in darkness, but mankind, HIs own creation did not.  Look what we have done to Our Creator… You may say, “But I wasn’t there!” But the truth of the matter is we have all been disloyal to HIm.  It is in our nature.  Before we believed HIm we all ridiculed Him in our heart, HIs ways are not our ways until He can work with us.  His heart is not our heart. 

Why do we oberve Passover? Because Scriptures command me to and my Savior did. (Exodus 12)  Some may say “But He “didnt have Good Friday!”  He wasn’t even crucified on a Friday…. But that is for another time…. “

The First Cup in the Seder meal is the cup of Sanctification.  This represents that we are set apart.  Yeshua said in

John 17.19 “And for them I set Myself apart, so that they too might be set apart in truth.”

Sanctification is really a life-long process.  Over life I see where I have been separated from people – to be sanctified.  The word profane means to be common.  It is the longing of people to be common, liked and accepted by everyone.  Rejection hurts.  There is a part inside us that longs to be Holy, moving toward our Creator not away from Him.  It is the inner conflict in all of us.  When He answers that prayer for us, many of us long to be common again.  Many times He uses other people’s rejection of us to move us away from them.  Remember when the Pharoah’s heart was hardened?  The Pharoah  really did not value the Hebrew people anyway, that came out in truth. When we are being sanctified we look outside our invisible fences and long sometimes to be profane, common, like everyone else, accepted by everyone else. 

In our lives that is not what we are called to be.  He is sanctifying us, even Yeshua had to leave the comfort of His disciples, His community.  Our story is one of separation as light and darkness are being separated from our lives, but also being unified with people as love is made stronger.  We find when we love our Creator with all our heart, all our soul, all our will and all our strength, He teaches us about Covenant.  How we cannot join our hearts to every common thing… Then in His commands He also loves our neighbors through us.  Giving us compassion that we did not have before. 

Our meal tonight will not be a perfect Seder…rather a discussion about the purpose of it all with our children.  Trying our best to fulfill the commandment…and praying that our Creator will be there in the midst of it all.



  1. Beautiful~ Very well written, I love the part where you talk about sanctification. It is a life long process isn’t it?! Our Seder wasn’t perfect either, but to me it is burned in my heart and memory. I love all that He is revealing to us. To my children, it will be a great memory, and if Yeshua tarries, it will be the first of many more memories to come. Shalom~

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