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The Tree

the  branch

January 1, 2016

There was a bountiful Tree flourishing with Life.  The branches reached and swayed into the heavens in praise and worship to God, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.  The Tree grew on either side of the River of Life which proceeds from the Throne of God and of The Lamb in the Heavenly city of Jerusalem.  This Tree yielded 12 kinds of fruit and bore fruit in every season.

One day a branch started looking away from the tree and wondering what life would be like “over there”.   Instead of cleaving to the Tree the branch began gazing away from the tree and imaging how life would be away from the tree.  Soon, the branch began to desire to be detached from the Tree and imagined how beautiful and powerful  it would look as his own tree.

The branch gave less and less praise and glory to God and began to admire his  own leaves and fruit and beauty.  “Look at me and my beautiful leaves and how I flow.”  I should be my own tree.  I don’t need this Tree.  What the branch did not realize is it was beginning to turn brown.

The rest of the Tree was vibrant and the branch perceived that it was too, but the branch soon was unable to bear fruit in the appointed time.  As the branch desired to be its own tree “over there”, it became  paler and was losing its life.  The leaves on the branch were no longer any good for healing.

The Husbandman took the branch in His scarred Hands and warned the branch to turn its heart back to the Tree and not away from the tree.  But the branch wanted to be its own tree.

One day the branch fell from the Tree.  At first the branch was very happy.  The branch thought, “I will be a very beautiful tree”.  As the branch lay on the ground it, it did not perceive that it was dead for there were still some green leaves on it.

As the branch lay helpless on the ground next to the tree, the Husbandman came and grafted in a little sprout in the place the branch had fallen from.  He loved the little  sprout and spoke kind words, and the sprout loved Him back.  The branch began to remember when the Husbandman spoke kind words to him too and became jealous over the sprout.  The branch was lying on the ground dying from anger and jealousy.  The branch did not become a beautiful tree instead his leaves were drying out and turning ugly.  He no more flowed and the leaves had not been healing for anyone for quite some time.  The branch began to notice other branches lying on the ground.  A short distance away was a branch cursing away and was filled with anger.  He was shocked at the appearance of the almost dead branch.  He realized he was dying too.  The ground was often cold and lonely and dark at night. The cursing voices of some of the dying branches were ever present, hating the Husbandman, the other branches, and themselves.   Sometimes, servants came into the garden and picked up the dead branches and gathered them to be thrown into the fire.  He realized his time of examination would be soon.

The dying branch began to remember how good life as with the Tree.  All the branches flowing, growing fruit and blossoms and beautiful leaves filled with healing.  How they danced and sang and the Husbandman would come and care for the Tree and branches.  The branch realized he had stopped hearing His voice when his heart turned away to be a tree of its own.  The branch realized that apart from the Tree he could no nothing.  The branch began to realize about how kind the Tree and Husbandman had been and longed to cleave to the tree again.  But the branch could not move, he lay there helpless.  The branch began to praise God in his heart because even as he was dying, God was still worthy of praise and the branch was loving God and thankful for the life he experienced with the Tree and Husbandman. The branch was now brown and looked nothing like the Tree, but decided he would love the Tree and Husbandman anyway.  The branch next to him was still angry and jealous and felt justified in his turning away from the Tree and Husbandman.  The branch grew weaker and decided to spend his remaining energy praising and loving God.

The Husbandman came by searching on the ground.  He stopped by the branch and stooped down.  Tears rolled down the Husbandman’s face and from the branch as the Husbandman picked up the branch, spoke kind words and said “Live”.  “You will live”.  The Husbandman took the branch and pruned away what does not produce life.  The branch was no longer on the ground but in another place where the Husbandman intently worked to prune and care for the branch.  The branch realize all that was left of him was a little sprout of green that was his innermost being.  The rest was pruned away.  The Husbandman took the spout to the River of Life that flows from the Throne of God and dunked the sprout in.  He loved the sprout and blessed it and called the sprout His.  Then He went and cut a place in the Tree where the sprout could grow.  The sprout then realized the Tree was filled with cuts, wounds where the sprouts were tenderly placed to grow.  In fact all the eternal branches in the tree were planted this way.  “You see little one, you have to lose your life so I can save you.” Truly, truly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat having fallen to the ground should die, it abides alone; but if it should die, it bears much fruit.

The sprout was thankful and cleaved to the Tree where it grew,produced leaves for  healing and eternal fruit for the Husbandman.  Among them fruit of praise, fruit of gratitude, fruit of joy along with all the fruit the tree produces.























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