Posted by: prayer0617 | January 30, 2016

Is anything worth more than your soul?

The question forces a realization.  How much time do we take to care for our souls?  Do we know how to ?

Proverbs 4.23 pleads “Guard your hear above all else, for I determines the course of life.”

In this world of billions it is easy to lose our value.  There is a counterfeit soul of TV , books, music full of thoughts that you don’t want coursing through your soul and body.  What kind of soul will blossom from vanity murder and heartlessness? Junk and poisons for the soul.  Or maybe we embrace numbness.  Maybe our soul is filled with worry and fear.   A soul can be filled with deception and lies.  What difference does that make if I am happy?  Because a soul will not be stilled with deception and lies.  A soul will continually rise up and search for the truth filling us with conflict.

Am I counterfeiting my soul away….?  That is a question only each of us can answer through some honest introspection and prayer.

I have observed people in church and out of church that are conscious of the care of their souls, and people in and out of church that are numb.

The question, Is there anything worth more than our souls should inspire within us all a fight for our soul.  If we do nothing, the world will just wash over us and we will become numb.

Is anything worth more than your soul?  Matthew 26


taking care of my soul


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