Posted by: prayer0617 | February 14, 2016

The Dark Night of the Soul, The Conclusion of Destiny



Inspiration from Genesis 3, Matthew 24 and Matthew 25

We who serve the Lord feel wonderful in worship.  All is right when we feel wrapped in His Presence.  But what determines our destiny is not what happens when wrapped in song in His Presence.

Our destiny is determined by what we do when we do not perceive His Presence with us.  Are we loyal to His Ways and stay in His Paths.  What did Jesus do in the wilderness? Do we heed the whisper of the Holy Spirit to keep us alive and draw us near?  We bring glory to God by what we do in the darkness.

The Lord warns us of the severe circumstances.  Are we listening to serpents and wanting to follow our own ways?  Are we hiding our faith in the earth so no one can see it or would know what we believe? Instead of buying oil did we chase the foolish things of the world?  Making ourselves feel good with counterfeit food?  What does the fruit of our Spirit look like.  Is it thorny?

The circumstances are most severe.  The fall of mankind, being cast into outer darkness, being cut into pieces and put with the hypocrites.  Yes, Jesus is love, and He warned us, His servants of the circumstances of what we do in the darkness.  All of us will fall asleep but only 5 of the bridesmaids will have oil enough for the journey.  All of us were given treasure, but only some are making investments into tomorrow.  All of us struggle with feeling like we are asleep, quiet and suffer trauma.  All of us struggle with temptation and fail sometimes.  We have to be loyal even when we don’t “feel” His Presence.  Our future depends on it. Read it for yourself.

Each of ourselves must ask this question and repent.  Buy oil now while you are awake.  Invest your loyalty and faith in the Kingdom now.  Stop listening to the voice of the serpent.  Seek the whisper of the Holy Spirit who will lead you to the life for your soul.







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