Posted by: prayer0617 | September 3, 2016

The Song of the Stars

The Song of the Stars

We gaze at images of the beautiful stars at night all singing their message to the universe

Then the sun rises and at first we are sad….until we realize the beautiful lights are still in the sky

Now they join with the One they were calling in a harmony called Day

As the sun goes through the song called Day, it goes its course to bring Dayspring to the other side of the planet to bring its message of life to all the earth…….

And we are left with the stars of the nightsong to remind us of the glory of the Son and how we are The Sons’s lights too.

We look on earth to the stars like the stars look to us in the sky.  Lights walking along the earth’s darkness…until the Son comes and we sing with Him.

Many of us cannot see many of these stars in the night these days…

So man makes his own lights on the earth to walk by….these lights distract us from the universal song.

And try to block out the message of the stars by night…

Then we are in danger of forgetting the harmonious Song of the Son and stars….

and losing the hope that only this Song can bring.

Search for the harmonious Song of the Son and the stars…

Man can hide but not block out the Son….

Keep your heart’s search active for your notes in the Harmonious Song of the Universe….

Don t forget your life’s purpose and destination here and beyond…



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